Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Heart Beauty Magazine

for the ♥ of beauty

the very talented Rosemary Hamilton is the self-publisher behind Australia's first fully dedicated glossy makeup & beauty magazine 'Heart Beauty Magazine', which is about to hit our newsstands launching the first ever hard copy edition Easter 2013. written by professional beauty experts on all things makeup & beauty, your going to be a very happy addict just like me... & i've already bought my subscription for the year!!

Heart Beauty Magazine launched on facebook last year, & in that time the posts have been limitless with copious amounts of expert makeup & beauty advice, tips, trends, gossip... pretty much everything you need to know. i haven't missed a post yet  :-) making me most happy that ill be owning my first hard copy edition very very soon! Totally excited about this magazine & what it represents for me, as a makeup artist myself, HBM is all about supporting upcoming generations of artists, enthusiasts & addicts alike. 

Rae Morris my inspiration in the makeup industry is the creative artist behind the gorgeous front cover, working her magic on stunning model Sarah Stephens. Photographed by Katie Nolan, HBM features work from another inspirational makeup artist of mine Rachel Montgomery, & talented artists Nigel Stanislaus, Byron Turnbull & Michael Wolff

this magazine breathes fresh air for the Australian makeup & beauty industry, giving every beauty enthusiast a panoramic view of whats to come for Australian makeup artists, hair stylists, & of course expert knowledge straight from the leaders of the global beauty/fashion industry. HBM is supported by Reload Agency, Australia's most respected agency.

must have
all i have to say is WELL DONE Heart Beauty Magazine, finally a quarterly magazine dedicated to what i love & adore most, & what i'm certain will be a huge stepping stone for Australian glossy magazines, & for all the beauty lovers!!

head over to Heart Beauty Magazine facebook page hit like... be inspired... HBM is about to be your no.1 must have magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ superscription's are available at HBM website or head to your nearest  newsstand Easter 2013.

only for the  ♥ of beauty

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lost in thought

I thought it was time to drop in and say a quick hello, for the past several months I have been away in wedding la la land... planning, creating & dreaming wedding; which btw exudes more energy then one ever thought! I think working full time with big hours may hinder to aid in energy depletion.

Countdown is now officially on, 7 weeks to go & still plenty to do. A series of spontaneous excitement outbursts and to much procrastinating is consuming my existance.. this bride to be is happy we are on the home stretch cause I'm missing normal life conversation haha. Saying that I'm truly excited & can't wait to marry my prince charming.. Or should I say my batman (inside joke) <3. I feel incredibly lucky to find my  true love and even more lucky he feels the same.. For this reason all my stress disappears and once again reminds me to enjoy & rejoice in how amazing our day will be!
It all seems to be falling into place nicely and im lookimg forward to blogging about the big day, the journey and all the pretty little things that make a vintage ethereal wedding...
Till then I'll see you in bits and pieces

Thursday, 3 May 2012

diamond in the rough


Recently i bought my first BEBE Sydney dress from fashion boutique 'Principessa' in Fortitude Valley, where i met Rocco the lovely shop owner. I have been longing to buy one for awhile...

I wasn't initially going in to buy a dress as it was only that morning when i was at 'Always Habit' a fashion & suits shop for men with my fiancee who was trying on suits for our wedding, we met the adorable Chantelle who invited us to her & fashion partner Samantha's upcoming fashion launch for their label 'Ash to Gold'. So when my eyes gazed upon this gorgeous antique gold/champagne sequined 'diamond in the rough' dress i instantly fell in love & to my delight it was designed by fashion label BEBE Sydney. Rocco must have seen my enthusiasm as he instantly whisked me off to the changing rooms, and from there on it was a winner!

I had so much fun at the 'Ash to Gold' fashion launch, hanging out with my good friend Desiree (best makeup artist ever) & my fiancee, chatting and sitting front row at the runway show sipping on champagne in the Rainbow Booth at the whimsical Cloudland Bar . Through out the evening i was shocked at how many people complimented me on my outfit.. thinking maybe i should wear this dress more often hah :-) i may have not taken many photos of the night but i thoroughly enjoyed the show, dinner in Chinatown and all the lovely compliments :-).

I'd like to say thank you to Chantelle for inviting me to the her fashion launch, thank you to Rocco for encouraging me to try the dress on & thank you BEBE Sydney  for designing such a gorgeous dress!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

music makes me reminisce

lost in thought

out of the blue music hit me in a way i didn't imagine possible, a thought i never thought about. this music floods my head with past memories... never felt so nostalgic; time passed by.

yes I am happy but there's a part of me that wishes I could just float back to those rock n roll times & soak up that feeling of eternal youth!

a day of solitude with old school music is required for this 27 year old muse.

music holds onto memories that those forget about...