Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lost in thought

I thought it was time to drop in and say a quick hello, for the past several months I have been away in wedding la la land... planning, creating & dreaming wedding; which btw exudes more energy then one ever thought! I think working full time with big hours may hinder to aid in energy depletion.

Countdown is now officially on, 7 weeks to go & still plenty to do. A series of spontaneous excitement outbursts and to much procrastinating is consuming my existance.. this bride to be is happy we are on the home stretch cause I'm missing normal life conversation haha. Saying that I'm truly excited & can't wait to marry my prince charming.. Or should I say my batman (inside joke) <3. I feel incredibly lucky to find my  true love and even more lucky he feels the same.. For this reason all my stress disappears and once again reminds me to enjoy & rejoice in how amazing our day will be!
It all seems to be falling into place nicely and im lookimg forward to blogging about the big day, the journey and all the pretty little things that make a vintage ethereal wedding...
Till then I'll see you in bits and pieces