Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Heart Beauty Magazine

for the ♥ of beauty

the very talented Rosemary Hamilton is the self-publisher behind Australia's first fully dedicated glossy makeup & beauty magazine 'Heart Beauty Magazine', which is about to hit our newsstands launching the first ever hard copy edition Easter 2013. written by professional beauty experts on all things makeup & beauty, your going to be a very happy addict just like me... & i've already bought my subscription for the year!!

Heart Beauty Magazine launched on facebook last year, & in that time the posts have been limitless with copious amounts of expert makeup & beauty advice, tips, trends, gossip... pretty much everything you need to know. i haven't missed a post yet  :-) making me most happy that ill be owning my first hard copy edition very very soon! Totally excited about this magazine & what it represents for me, as a makeup artist myself, HBM is all about supporting upcoming generations of artists, enthusiasts & addicts alike. 

Rae Morris my inspiration in the makeup industry is the creative artist behind the gorgeous front cover, working her magic on stunning model Sarah Stephens. Photographed by Katie Nolan, HBM features work from another inspirational makeup artist of mine Rachel Montgomery, & talented artists Nigel Stanislaus, Byron Turnbull & Michael Wolff

this magazine breathes fresh air for the Australian makeup & beauty industry, giving every beauty enthusiast a panoramic view of whats to come for Australian makeup artists, hair stylists, & of course expert knowledge straight from the leaders of the global beauty/fashion industry. HBM is supported by Reload Agency, Australia's most respected agency.

must have
all i have to say is WELL DONE Heart Beauty Magazine, finally a quarterly magazine dedicated to what i love & adore most, & what i'm certain will be a huge stepping stone for Australian glossy magazines, & for all the beauty lovers!!

head over to Heart Beauty Magazine facebook page hit like... be inspired... HBM is about to be your no.1 must have magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ superscription's are available at HBM website or head to your nearest  newsstand Easter 2013.

only for the  ♥ of beauty