Thursday, 19 January 2012

What to do when you've been naughty

So, the holidays are over and you've eaten and drank too much, stayed out too late and generally over-done it in so many ways that can leave you looking and feeling more ugly step-sister then Cinderella.

Beat the bloat. Drink a cup of herbal tea each morning and night, and sip on water throughout the day to minimize bloat. Dandelion root tea is especially good for flushing out your system. Minimise your salt intake; when you're having decadent meals, stay away from sodium for the rest of the day. It's also a good idea to steer clear of carbonated beverages - even diet ones! The chemicals make you retain fluid and can increase your craving for sweets.

Cut out a few things. If you pass up candy, for example, you could save at least 300 calories a day; white bread, up to 1,000 calories a day; red meat, 200 calories a day; and cheese, several hundred calories in one sitting.

Skipping meals is bad for you! Don't fast all day in anticipation of a giant feast, or think you're losing weight by doing so. You'll be so hungry by the time you get to dinner that you're likely to eat twice what you might if you ate right all day. It also slows your metabilism down therefore increasing the amount of fat stored.

Set a goal. Eat healthy for a solid week right after the holidays, and then keep it going for as long as you can after that. Some juice cleanses are a good weight loss tool - but not the ones that leave you famished or fad detox diets (such as the lemon one we've all heard of; which has been deemed by nutritionists as one of the worst detox diets currently on the market). Fad diets will leave you feeling lethargic. A good cleanse SereneMuse recommends is BluePrint Cleanse, as it provides adequate calories. The safest bet however, is to stick with small portions of whole grains, lean protein, raw vegetables and healthy fats like those in avocado and almonds.  An amazing breakfast to kick start your metabolism and boost your energy everyday is eggs with one yolk and dried oregano, spinach, or basil for flavour.


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