Sunday, 13 November 2011

Luxuriously refreshing

Homemade Iced Tea

With the weather warming up, it's a good time of year to experiment with refreshing drinks to keep you satisfyingly hydrated. Usually this would be of the alcoholic kind, but instead I've discovered the joy of making iced tea at home. I've heard these concoctions can sometimes contain a lot of sugar... but my gosh it's a delicious little treat! And whats better is that it feels good to make something yourself and experiment with all the different flavours available. No doubt we'll be bringing you more idea's for yummy new teas in the near future.

See the bottom of this post for an iced tea recipe!

The teas used by SereneMuse are purchased from T2 Tea.

Here are our tried & tested favourite products for Iced Tea...

Green Rose

A vibrant medium-strength green tea based on currents, mango, papaya and rose petals; making an engaging brew with a bold taste sensation. 

The beautiful flavours are accompanied by grassy green tea, yet not overpowered.
Best served iced in the summer, but makes a delicious cup hot or iced. 

Ingredients: green tea, dried fruit (currant, mango pieces and papaya pieces), rose petals, cornflowers and flavour.

Brew: 2tsp, 2-3mins at 80 degrees celsius.

Click here for more details and pricing.

Strawberry Sensation

Fresh berry flavours and tender tart aromas combine to make a sensational juicy tisane "for all you strawberry sweethearts". 

Crimson berries have been mixed with a hint of citrus to give it a zing. Enjoyed hot or chilled. 
Caffeine free.

Ingredients: hibiscus, apple pomace, rose hip peels, blackberry leaves, orange peel, strawberry pieces, safflowers and flavour.

Brew: 2tsp per medium tea pot, 3-5mins at 100 degrees celsius.

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Fruit Royale

For a truly regal fruity and intense tisane, this product contains the flavours of black & red currents blended with elderberries and a touch of strawberry.

Delicious served hot or cold; though SereneMuse prefers to blend this with other tisanes. Caffeine free.  
Ingredients: hibiscus petals, elderberries, currants, blackcurrant and flavour.

Brew: 1/2 - 1tsp per 200mls, brew 3mins at 100 degrees celsius.

You may also like: Very Berry Fruitea, Turkish Apple Chunky, Botanica.

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Turkish Apple

The traditional version of the national drink of Turkey, making this an all-time classic.

Oh so sweet and full of crisp, crunchy apple flavour.

Traditionally served hot, but I like mine iced in summer for a sweet treat!

Moreish is the perfect word to describe this one. Great hot as an afternoon break or served iced in summer for refreshment. Add to it, a cinnamon stick or cloves when warm, or with lemon slices and fresh mint when iced. Caffeine free.  

Ingredients: sugar, citric acid, maltodextrine, colour, anti caking agent, vitamin C and flavour.

Brew: 1 heaped teaspoon per 200ml, dissolve in water at 100 degrees celsius. For an iced jug, add 1 teaspoon per cup, fill 1/3 with water at 100 degrees celsius, stir to dissolve. Fill to top with ice and garnish with mint and lemon.

You may also like: Turkish Apple Chunky, Turkish Apple & Cinnamon, Turkish Cherry, Liquorice Legs, Gorgeous Geisha.

* This is a staple for me as I have quite a sweet tooth *

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French Earl Grey

For an oh-so-fruity twist on the classic earl grey, look no further then T2's French Earl Grey.

A black tea base infused with petals, fruit and classic bergamot.

This medium-bodied tea is bold and refined with hints of peach, apricot, citrus, a field of sunflowers, rose, cornflower and hibiscus... wow! This elegant tea is full of good taste. Best served black, with a sprinkle of sugar if desired. 

Brew: 1tsp per 200ml, 2-3mins in water at 100 degrees celsius.

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T2 The Jug

The perfect accompaniment for making iced tea; these 1.2L tea jugs are the easiest and most effective way to make iced tea. The lid is completely leak proof - perfect for picnics! 

Click here for more details and colour choices.

Combination Iced Tea Recipe

2tsp Strawberry Sensation
1tsp Green Rose
1/2tsp Fruit Royale
1tsp Turkish Apple (2tsp if I'm feeling naughty)*^
Boiled water
A squeeze of lemon juice*
Ice cubes
mint leaves (desired amount)*  

1. Place the Strawberry Sensation & Green Rose in the detachable strainer.
2. Place the Turkish Apple in the jug.
3. Add boiling water to the jug, filling most of the way.
4. Squeeze some lemon juice into the mix.
5. Attach the strainer to the jug lid and place the lid on the jug, ensuring there is sufficient water to allow the tea to seep. Stand for 3-5mins.
6. Remove lid and remove the strainer from the lid. Replace lid.

When serving
7. Fill your glass with ice cubes.
7. Pour tea over ice and add mint leaves.

* optional
^ remove if wanting a sugar free iced tea

Find more recipe's here.

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