Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sweat it out

This weekend SereneMuse visited Zen Hot Yoga & Spa located at Sherwood in Brisbane (Australia) to experience the Detox Box (as seen on The Great South East).  

This 40 minute detox involves sitting in a chair and sweating it out using Far Infrared (FIR) technology; also referred to as "happy rays". FIR heat is the most effective way to remove those nasty toxins from your body and stimulate endorphins. It's like doing a 10km run while sitting down! Trust me... the sweat will be dripping off you.

The beautiful set-up and friendly staff at Zen add to the relaxing atmosphere. You'll even be greeted with ginger tea and water. While you sweat those toxins away you can stay amused by choosing from a selection of dvd's - or bring your own dvd or music. A shower is available and much needed after your detox!

Also available at Zen Hot Yoga & Spa is Hot Yoga (obviously) and Pilates. The Hot Yoga also uses FIR heat; so if you don't feel like you're achieving anything without sweating - this is the yoga class for you! There are yoga and pilates classes every day so check out the timetable and book yourself in for some ancient therapy. 

So whether you live in Brisbane or elsewhere, research spa facilities that are utilising the FIR technology to get the most out of your time and money. SereneMuse is a big fan!

Also a great gift idea for Christmas.


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