Saturday, 1 October 2011

A High Tea Sunday

 High Tea 

SereneMuse are loving high-tea gatherings at the moment! It's such a great idea to relax & mingle with friends. Recently, I attended a high-tea celebration for my future sister in-laws (Jen) Bride-to-Be party. I adored it; believe I may even be kidnapping this idea for my own future wedding celebrations. 

Jen's Bride-to-Be high-tea gathering was a beautiful day; with good company & a gorgeous reason to have a high-tea party!

We love high-tea gatherings so much we are going to make it a ritual on a Sunday, once a month. A great reason to have a cuppa & chat with your friends.

Why not send out invitations to your friends for high tea for a relaxing Sunday get-together?? Share the load and get everyone to bring a plate if you're on a budget. It's a stylish way to catch up with friends and an excuse to use that beautiful china you have stashed away in the back of the cupboard (or to go out and purchase some!).

Background of high tea: High tea originated in the 1600's and was a substantial meal for labourers in the early evening. Once referred to as 'meat tea', this meal traditionally includes both cold & hot meats, as well as cakes, cheese and of course tea. As time has progressed, high tea has become well known as a formal affair in which the best china is used.

♥  For information on herbal tea's, please refer to this page

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