Monday, 19 September 2011

Herbal Teas

T2 Teas 


Yerba Mate 

An invigorating drink to promote health and friendship; Mate (mah-tay) is the national drink of Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Made from Ilex Paraguariensis leaves native to South American rain forests, the infusion is reminiscent of tea, with a slightly smokey, herbaceous flavour. 

A stimulating, highly effective way to clear a cloudy mind or for a midday buzz. It has also been proven to be an appetite suppressant (this is not a meal replacement tea).  On a normal day I will have 1-2 cups, one around 10am and another at 2pm to stop the hunger attacks. Perfect for whenever mental alertness and energy are needed. SereneMuse loves this tea.

Brew: 1 teaspoon per 200mls, brew 3-5 minutes in water  at 100 degrees celsius. 



A detoxifying blend of herbs that's so good for your immune system and tastes great! Nettle is high in nutrients and minerals to boost the immune system, fennel and peppermint aid digestion and lemongrass, juniper berries, calendula and spearmint have powerful cleansing properties. Has a lemongrass & minty flavour, & is caffeine free. 

On a normal day I have 1-2 cups. This tea makes me feel amazing. A simply delicious way to turn a new leaf or to recover from a naughty night out! SereneMuse loves this tea.

Brew: 1 teaspoon per 200mls, brew 3-5 minutes in water at 100 degrees celsius.
Sleep Tight

This light & relaxing herbal blend is when you're ready to get your beauty sleep and call it a night. Soft lemony mintiness from lemon balm combines with the sweet perfume of rose, lavender and jasmine. With a hint of floral, lavender, mint and lemon as a base flavour, this tea is calming and quiet, warming, mild and muted, and a beautiful way to say goodnight. Enjoy a cup at night to promote sweet sleep, or in the evening to soothe and relax. Lemon balm is a digestive, so can be served  after dinner to wind things down. SereneMuse recommends this tea for anyone.
Brew: 1 heaped teaspoon per 200mls, brew 3-5  minutes in water at 100 degrees celsius.

*  be kind to your body xo *

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