Monday, 19 September 2011


NADS Wax Sensitive Facial Strips

Nad's Sensitive Facial Wax Strips are a quick and easy way to remove unwanted facial hair. Each box contains 24 strips with innovative new contour weave paper technology to shape your body's curves. Surprisingly keeps you hair-free for weeks and suitable for sensitive, delicate areas; including face & bikini. This product is hypoallergenic and contains natural beeswax. The new fragrance free gentler formula is ideal for sensitive areas.

NADS promise: with regular use, hair growth is progressively slowed down.

Application: Ensure skin is clean, dry and free of oils and moisturisers. Gently wipe the skin with the Nad's Desensitizing Kava Wipe and allow skin to dry. When I use facial wax strips for eyebrows I like to trim the long edge of the extra weave paper on either side of the wax strip, this way I have better control over shaping eyebrows.

  1. Rub strips between palms to warm wax. Slowly separate a double Nad's Hair Removal Strip into two strips.
  2. Using the palm of your hands and fingertips, apply strip with firm pressure and firmly smooth over 3-4 times in direction of hair growth.
  3. Holding the skin taut with one hand, quickly pull strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  4. Remove excess residue with Nad's Soothing and Finishing Wipes that comes in the pack. I do find this oily, but it works.
Note: Remember to hold skin taut with the other hand and pull close to the skin rather than up into the air.

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