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Skin Deep

My Skin Care
By Peta-Lea Bond

As a Makeup Artist, I often get asked what skin care products I love & use on myself &  my clients.  I frequently add photos to FaceBook of different makeup products I have tried & tested on myself. I find photos give me a better understanding of how my makeup will sit & look, especially when I try skin care products; you never know if that SPF in your moisturizer or foundation will make you look white in a camera flash, or that cleanser/primer isn't really doing anything cause you can see your pores more prominently, whatever the reason, I like to test everything, so that's how I do it!

I'm the kind of girl who loves diversity when it comes to products & brands. I try not to stick to one brand; however, I do have my favorites; just like every girl I have beauty products that I cant live without. Over the years I have found, for my sensitive skin type, that simple & less is better.

I've tried everything from budget to luxury & I would have to say personally, I prefer home-made, natural & organic products to big brand luxury products; that's not to say I wouldn't buy them & try them out, & maybe even fall in love, but I also live in the real world & there are so many other things a girl needs, so with my skin care i try to keep it natural, simple & as affordable as possible.

So here are are the skin care products I adore & have worked for me & my clients over the years...


Sukin Cream Cleanser 

I have been using this product for years, in fact my mum first introduced me to Sukin products many moons ago & they are here to stay in my world. 
Sukin Cream Cleanser 125ml $9.99
This cleanser is so gentle & nourishing, it leaves my skin feeling soft & refreshed. It has a creamy texture, & removes makeup & grime. With oils from rose hip, avocado & wheat germ, your skin feels well nourished.
Perfect for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.  

Application: Massage into skin in a gentle circular motion. Remove with cotton wool or a warm face cloth. It's water-soluble which makes it ideal to use in the shower. I use 1-2 times daily.

I even use this when I do makeup for weddings. I like to give my bride & bridesmaids mini gentle facials, so they start their day feeling refreshed & leaves their skin in beautiful condition for me to work with. Firstly I cover the face & decolletage area sparingly with the cleanser & leave on skin for 5-10 minutes. Remove with a warm face cloth or cotton wool. I then use Sukin Toner Mist spray (more info on toner later on) to get rid of any residue from the cleanser, then blot with high quality fragrance free tissues.

Sukin products are hypoallergenic & sodium lauryl sulfate free. Sold at Priceline & pharmacies, there are no excuses not to have a face cleanser and on budget too!

More info on Bridal Skin Care & Makeup tricks to come soon

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

 MB Enzyme Cleansing Gel $35.95
or for just $15 at Amazon
This beautiful non-foaming gel cleanser leaves my skin feeling amazing. Thoroughly removes the days makeup, dirt & oil without drying the skin or feeling tight. With Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help prevent dulling build-up that can cause blackheads & pimples, papaya & grapefruit extracts exfoliate away all the nasties leaving your skin feeling refreshed, ultra clean & healthy.

Application: I use 1-2 times daily (I usually alternate between my Sukin Cream Cleanser & this one) in circular motions on wet skin avoiding the eye area. Use a warm damp face cloth to remove cleanser, pat dry with clean dry face cloth and follow with toner. I sometimes, on the weekends or Friday nights, leave the cleanser on for 20 minutes; perfect as a mask!

This cleanser is a little more expensive then Sukin but is well worth it. Try it & see the results for yourself. You can find Mario Badescu products from Kit Cosmetics, at Myers, Amazon & Online.

Let me know what you think if you have tried this Gel :-)


Our skin is our largest organ in the body & yet is forgotten about frequently. Healthy glowing skin is partially a result of deeply cleansed skin, cleared pores & healthy living.  I have 2 facial scrubs that I love & both are totally affordable & natural. One is my home-made recipe that I have been using since before I can remember & the other is from Sukin which is organic & budget friendly.

Home-Made Raw Sugar Facial Scrub

I'm like every girl, drawn to all things that relate to beauty & skin care, so when choosing scrubs for my skin, I find myself lost with all the different brands out there. I get overwhelmed when I read the listed ingredients on ALOT of the products; shouldn't what we put on our skin not read like you need a science degree? In my opinion, less is best!
The best part about this scrub, is that you can use it anywhere on the body, it leaves your skin feeling so soft that you just have to try it!! Your skin glows & feels heavenly, especially your face.

Application: Create a sugar scrub by mixing two parts granulated raw sugar with your regular cleanser. Apply as you would an exfoliant & wash thoroughly. 
Note: Please don't over mix, as the sugar granules will dissolve, & remember to be gentle as you don't want to scratch your skin.

* I do this once a week, after a warm shower so my pores are open.

I occasionally add honey to the mix, as honey can be used as an Alpha Hydroxy mask because of its high content of acid. It's also completely safe for sensitive skin.

Not to mention that you can use honey as a moisturizing mask for your skin as well as your hair. To use it as a conditioner, mix honey with olive oil. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly before you go outside though!

Like any homemade remedies, it is important to know which ingredients have what properties. I always use a high quality natural honey, as I find it works better & is kinder to your skin.

Hope you love it!!

So this is my other favorite facial scrub that I use, once again introduced to me by my mum (this is actually her favorite scrub ever). It's gentle & promotes healthy skin circulation, leaving skin feeling refined, smooth & radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

With bamboo extract & ground walnut shells that exfoliate dirt & impurities that can dull the appearance, plus aloe vera, rose-hip oil & German chamomile to soothe & relax. 

Application: Rinse face with warm water first, then apply a small amount of product in a circular motion, massaging into face & neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. I use it 1-2 times a week, while I'm in the shower.

Sold at Priceline & most pharmacies. 


These days when I talk to women, a lot of them don't use toners anymore, maybe it was over hyped? But I believe in toner, as its an astringent that dries & removes excess oils, tightens pores & hardens the tissue of the skin. 
Here are my favorite toners that I've tried & loved so far...

Witch Hazel Dickinson Astringent Blue Label

I think everyone under the sun would of heard of this product by now, Dickinson has been around since the 1800's & women have been using Witch Hazel as toner for years. 

As it's a multi-use formula, it relieves skin irritations due to minor cuts, scrapes & insect bites. It's 100% natural astringent for face and body, won’t dry like alcohol, contains no artificial fragrances or dyes, & is dermatologist tested and recommended.

Application: I personally use a spray bottle (I bought mine from Priceline), which I dilute with a little bit of water. This way I can use it as a mist. Using cotton balls, gently wipe away the excess, or you can let it dry naturally.

Pretty much every pharmacy, supermarket or Priceline stocks Dikinson Witch Hazel & the prices range from $3 - $10, depending where you purchase it from. 

Amazons has a great price, so check out:   
Witch Hazel Dickinson - Amazon.

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner

I absolutely love this toner, a must-have for summer! This alcohol-free, skin hydrating mist has German chamomile & rosewater to help sooth, tone & cool tired skin.

I use this quite a lot, especially because it comes in the cutest little spray bottle that can be carried anywhere. It's light on the skin, feels so hydrating instead of drying & doesn't leave any residue.

Application: Use after cleansing or after a facial scrub, close eyes & spray onto face & decolletage area. Perfect for hot days, long flights, long days in air-con & the perfect toner to shrink those pores!

Sold at Priceline & most pharmacies.

There are so many out there its overwhelming. I tend to use a lot of different types, such as Redwin Sorbolene, Cetaphil Lotion, & many others for my face & body.

I've really only found one face moisturizer I can truly say I love. The others I use when I run out of my favorite moisturizer or if it's not available.

My favorite face moisturizer is Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer (available here for $18), which I have previously blogged about. I use this as a night moisturizer also, as it contains no SPF.  

Please see my blog here:
MB Buttermilk Moisturizer.

More skin-care posts coming shortly

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