Saturday, 3 September 2011

The way you make me feel...

We recently purchased our first ever Chanel products and were thrilled to get home and try them out. It all started when we were treating ourselves to a pedicure and discovered that the most amazing graphite-coloured nail polish the lady next to us was wearing was her new Chanel nail polish. So of course, we couldn't just purchase the nail polish alone... we also had to have the eye shadow, lip tint/ gloss and the impressive nail polish that turns any nail polish mat with just one coat (how do they do that?!). Even if you don't think it's the best product around, it sure does make you feel good to be wearing Chanel.


  1. Matt nailpolish coverter.. How is that possible?? Chanel I love you (I don't like what you do to my savings tho).. Graphite my new favorite nailpolish hue!! xo

  2. You'll love Chanel. It will change your life xoxox it's so worth the price tag!