Monday, 19 September 2011

Sweet Scents

Glasshouse Triple Scented Candles

Glasshouse Triple Scented Candles are designed to deliver stunning fragrances and are considered to be the strongest scented candles on the market. Candles are hand crafted in Australia using non-toxic wax and lead free cotton wicks, and deliver up to 80 hours of burn time. The unique double wick system ensures the wax burns evenly to the bottom of the jar. The fragrance can linger hours after burning which leaves beautiful notes around the house. 

Glasshouse Large Triple Scented Candle - RRP $34.95
Stockists - Peter Alexander & David Jones

As we all know different scents can evoke the soul, spirit & mind, which is why these candles are so dear to us; transporting us to a magical realm of peace & serenity. SereneMuse has almost tested the entire range, but many more are yet to be discovered!

Oh & the glass jrs are stunning, & have a vintage appeal with a cute lid. When the candle has sadly come to an end, clean the glass jar out, then you can use it for beauty products or anything the heart desires.

Available in  whole range of wonderful & deliciously unique scents. Each one is truly divine and is worth every penny.

Also, check out Peter Alexander's new online catalogue 'Spring Breeze'.

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